Indira Gandhi relieved bankruptcy status annulled


Kindergarten teacher M. Indira Gandhi, who was made a bankrupt in 2009, is relieved now that her bankruptcy status had been annulled.

“I am free from the mess, ” she said.

Her prayers were answered two days before Thaipusam when the High Court ruled in her favour.

“All these years, I am not only separated from my daughter Prasana Diksa but I have been living as a bankrupt as well, ” said Indira, whose fight to get back her daughter from her former husband had made headlines.

Indira said her plight started in 2005 when she took a bank loan to get a car for her former husband K. Pathmanathan, now known as Muhammad Riduan Abdullah, as he was blacklisted by many financial institutions.

However, he did not settle the monthly instalments.

“I last saw the car in 2007. He came back with injuries and told me he met with an accident and that he left the car in Thailand, ” she said.

Indira said she only became aware of the bankruptcy status in 2011, as she never received any documents prior to that.

After finding out about her background, the bank agreed to annul her bankruptcy status on Jan 14.

An application was filed in the court to grant the order. On Feb 6, the court gave the order. – The star


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